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Best Options for cheap semi truck insurance coverages

Insuring a semi-truck is a decision that can pay you for years to come. An accident to your semi-truck can leave a major hole to the financial condition of your company. Even though a semi-truck insurance is a major investment, a wrong selection must be avoided at all costs to prevent the impact it will have in the event of an accident.

You can also make a lot of money by driving vehicles by means of your country. So as so that you can start driving some stunning trucks, there’s something very important you need to care for first and that is insurance. Semi truck insurance coverage is the one thing you simply can not drive with out, as the chances of assembly up with dangerous conditions on the long street is good. If one thing does occur to your truck, you no less than have the insurance coverage to fall back on.

This is one thing it is best to think about the subsequent time you try to drive one among these smaller vehicles off the highway to cross them and visa versa. The type of insurance coverage they have out there for vehicles and trucks are totally different, as a result of with a automotive you only need to insure the accident and attainable injuries. With a truck, you need to cowl the accident, the injuries as well as the load of cargo you’re carrying with you.

Imagine the kind of risks you will have whenever you carry hazardous materials with you, and you end up in an accident. This can hurt you and the individuals around you terribly or it might trigger your loss of life if it happens to explode. Insurance may sound like a straightforward factor it’s important to get, however it is in truth sophisticated, particularly in terms of the semi truck insurance. It’s worthwhile to consider all the possibilities when requesting insurance. Find more other useful info about short term auto insurance, auto insurance quotation and commercial auto insurance quotes.

Getting multiple quotes from the various insurance companies can help to throw light on the best coverage for a decent price. The insurance amount requirement for the semi-trucks varies with the state. While most freight owners go for a $100,000 insurance coverage, the federal laws have stated the limit as $1 million for the commercial auto liability insurance policy if the rig is to be on the move.

Like other auto insurances, the semi-truck insurance drivers can avail a discount on the completion of the value-driven driving course that teaches them to avoid three major truck accidents, namely, the rear-end collisions, roll-under accidents and the lane-change accidents. This training reduces the chances for accidents, enhancing the safety to the driver, truck, and other people and property on the road.

With the rising cost of commercial insurance continuing to spiral out of control, it’s more important than ever to find the best ways to lowering your premiums. Find the latest cost saving news, tips and articles on Semi Truck Insurance and start saving today.

Ways to Reduce The Cost on Building a House

Like air, water and food, shelter is one of the basic necessity of human beings. Houses are the form of shelter and every individual dreams of having their own homes but owing the hike in property prices, it have become difficult to buy a new home. Moreover, building a house is an intricate process and requires a lot of expertise, experience, knowledge as well as analysis. However, people spend maximum time speculating on the home building idea and end up making wrong decisions. Nevertheless, the easier way to have your own home is purchasing a ready-made home. There are several home building companies that offers their services to build your dream home. An alternative to this is custom-made homes, which are built on land that is owned privately and lets you to build it as you desire.

However, it is difficult to choose the right option, although both the options are great ones. Since construction of house on own needs a lot of hard work and patience, it is better to take the advise of an expert. Buying a ready-made house is the best option for anyone as it will save your time, money as well as it will let you choose the house that will suit you better. Nevertheless, if you still wish to build your house, there are ways to reduce the cost on building a new house.

If money is a constrain in fulling your dreams of having your own house, plan and design to build a compact and small house. This will reduce the cost of fabricating a house as well as will let you fulfill you dream. Moreover, building a small and compact house is better as it can be easily maintained and will reduce the future cost that needs to be incurred post-construction. Another way to reduce the construction of house is efficient use of building materials. This is possible only by designing the house on a common module. Furthermore, design your house that requires low maintenance. Instead of saving money during construction by using cheap materials, it is better to use good quality materials while construction to save future unnecessary expenses. Besides these, it is always a good idea to build a house with a good design as it sells faster. Moreover, along with good design, energy efficiency, low maintenance, smaller homes sell easily and can help you in buying a bigger home in the future by selling this.

Besides these ways, a construction company, having an expertise in making such homes can be a better and more effective solution for you. Although,they generally introduce big residential projects but they also take up smaller projects that are of lesser cost. Moreover, modular homes are now one of the most opted choice as they are cost-effective, Eco-friendly and are fabricated with insulation in walls that saves a lot of energy. Moreover, such homes comes with stylish looks with modern-day facilities.

To conclude building a house is a challenging task that requires a lot of patience, experience, knowledge as well as expert opinion. However, it is not that difficult with the home-builder companies that offer their unsurpassed services to build your dream house.


Op weg naar een low-cost samenleving; Teun Gautier en Wim de Ridder

“We zitten in een hele nieuwe tijd maar je moet hem wel zien.”

Help Café Weltschmerz en onze toekomst met een donatie: NL23 TRIO 0390 4379 13

Prof. dr. Wim de Ridder is futuroloog. Hij was van 2002 tot 2015 hoogleraar Toekomstonderzoek aan de Universiteit Twente. Hij is opgeleid als econoom en begon zijn carrière bij de Erasmus Universiteit te Rotterdam. Vervolgens werd hij hoofd Economisch Bureau en Planning van de NMB-Bank, de rechtsvoorganger van de ING Bank. Van 1983 tot 2007 was hij directeur van de Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming, kenniscentrum van het bedrijfsleven. Hij is professional member van de World Futures Society. De Ridder is directeur van Futures Studies.

“De maatschappelijk-organisatorische gevolgen van de nieuwe technologische ontwikkelingen, staan nog niet op de agenda van de overheid. We hebben al die technologieën, maar er zit een groot gat tussen wat mogelijk is en waar we gebruik van maken. De belangrijkste ontwikkeling is, dat we op weg zijn naar een low cost samenleving.”

Teun Gautier spreekt met De Ridder over de toekomst van de samenleving, gebaseerd op de beschikbare technologieën.

Wedding Dress Stores in Atlanta at Low Cost

If you plan to walk down the aisle soon you want to make sure that you have everything organized and ready to go when you are. It takes a lot to plan a wedding no matter how formal or informal you want to go. When you begin planning the first thing you want to do is find all the wedding dress stores in Atlanta. You don’t want to pick your gown in the first store you look in. You want to see what is being offered and then make your selection.

You will need to make a list of all the wedding dress stores in Atlanta. These stores can be found by searching online or you can look through your local yellow pages. These stores offer a wide variety of wedding dresses to choose from. Make yourself a list and plan to go out for an entire day to look through all of the stores.

Before you go you also need to write down on a piece of paper what you consider to be the perfect wedding dress. If you can, describe as much details as you can think of. Take this piece of paper with you to look back on. You may decide on another style wedding dress before you are done shopping but you can reflect back on it from time to time while shopping to make sure you are not overlooking the style that you like. Shopping in wedding dress stores in Atlanta can become a bit overwhelming when you consider how many dresses each store features. That is why you should write it down it helps to keep grounded during those times.

Every store that offers wedding dresses in Atlanta also offers staff that is always willing to help make your day as special as it can be. They can help you choose your right size, your style, try the dresses on, and find the right dresses for your wedding party. They also have accessories to help you look your best. These accessories include veils, gloves, purses, hair pins, shoes, and more. You want to look your best and you want everything to match and coordinate.

When you find the dress you like and it fits close to what you are looking for then ask the clerk to put it away for a 24-48 hour period. This will give you enough time to go through all the other wedding dress stores in Atlanta. When you have made up your mind be sure to call the store that had the dress you want first to make sure that they still have it and to let them know you are going to buy it. Then you can call the other stores to put the dresses back. Most wedding stores will hold a dress for a short period of time. Be sure to ask about this when you are trying the dresses on.

When you find the perfect dress in one of the many wedding dress stores in Atlanta everything else will fall right into place. This is the hardest thing to choose. It sets the pattern for everything else in your wedding.

Hemorrhoid Treatments -Ice Packs Reduce Swelling

If you have been looking for hemorrhoid treatments you may have heard about ice. Ice is one of the simplest yet most effective hemorrhoid treatments you can use to reduce swelling and inflammation. In her popular H Miracle hemorrhoid remedy guide, Holly Hayden suggests applying cracked ice to the effected area several times a day to decrease pain and swelling. Many H Miracle customers reported great success with this simple method.

The old fashioned ice pack is a no cost (or low cost) treatment for hemorrhoids. Applying an ice pack to your hemorrhoids will quickly reduce swelling to relieve your rectal pain. It may even speed up the recovery process.  Ice packs can be made up of chipped ice or small ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. You can also buy ready made ice or gel packs at your local pharmacy.

To use, simply apply the ice pack to your hemorrhoids for 10-15 minutes a few times a day.  This will reduce swelling, pressure and pain. You may want to put a clean plastic bag around the ice pack that you can dispose of after each use.

Another recommendation is to alternate the application of ice and heat to shrink the hemorrhoid and promote healing. Apply ice to the hemorrhoid or the anal area for 10-15  minutes. Then apply a warm moist towel to the area for another 15 minutes. This is best done after a painful bowel movement that has caused irritation to your hemorrhoids.

You could also take a warm bath (sitz bath) in which you soak your rectal area in hot water for 15-20 minutes and then apply a cold pack for the same amount of time. This will help shrink your hemorrhoids to soothe you and relieve your pain.

Colon hydrotherapy (often called colonic irrigation) is another type of hot and cold hemorrhoid treatment. In this method warm and cold water are used in an alternating fashion to relax and constrict the blood vessels and promote blood circulation in the rectal veins.

Remember that long term hemorrhoid treatment means changing your lifestyle to include healthy fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water. Water combined with healthy fibrous foods will help to smooth the passage of your stool and ease the constipation that is usually the root cause of hemorrhoids. Many people have found that getting more exercise and taking time to relax help too.

In the meantime you can apply ice packs to your swollen hemorrhoid tissues. Brrr! But it works!

Partner With Paul – Online Business Review

Partner with Paul online business opportunity has been gaining much attention by many who wish learn how to make money online. With the economy like it is individuals are looking for low cost start up businesses like Partner with Paul offers. So what is this business opportunity that this guy Paul would like to share with you?

Partner with Paul is a low cost Internet Business that can be joined with the small cost of $9.95 and a monthly reoccurring fee of $29.95. With the purchase you will receive a DVD that is simply a promotional video of Herbalife. The DVD does come with simple trainings on setting up websites, landing pages and a bit about generating traffic to help you stand out with your Herbalife business opportunity. Many individuals have found a great success with Herbalife already and of course marketing online comes with a serious learning curve that even I understood would take more than a single two hour DVD could teach.

To make money with this system you will need to become a partner of Herbalife, and plan on spending money advertising as the health and wellness industry is highly saturated. Before joining any offline or online business, you must do your due diligence thoroughly. Many of the individuals during my research with this review were unsatisfied with the PWP business opportunity because of the way it was portrayed, this is not however to reflect the solid company which is Herbalife in no way. Herbalife is an outstanding business and network marketing is a thriving industry, and thanks to the Internet, is vastly becoming the preferred way of life for many around the world to make a living from home.

The Real Cost of Outsourcing

? Introduction
? Cost of Selecting the Vendor
? Cost of Transition
? Cost of Managing an Offshore Contract
? Conclusion

In this white paper, we will explore the total cost of outsourcing by uncovering the hidden figures that boost up your bill. There are areas where you will have to invest more than you thought in the beginning, issues where things like poor processes and productivity can eat away potential savings and places where you can end up spending just as much as you would do it without outsourcing.

The Cost of Selecting a Vendor (1-10%)
With any outsourced service, the expense of selecting a service provider can vary from 0.2 % to 2 % in addition to the annual cost of the deal. These selection costs include documenting requirements, sending out RFPs and evaluating the responses, and negotiating a contract. A project leader may be working full time on this, with others chipping in, and all of this represents an opportunity cost. There are also the legal fees. Some companies hire an outsourcing adviser for about the same cost as doing it themselves. To top it off, the entire process can take from six months to a year, depending on the nature of the relationship.
Even when there is an existing tie between the customer and offshore vendors, the expensive and lengthy step of vendor selection is a must-do for successful outsourcing.
At this stage, travel expenses enter the picture as well. A trip overseas helps CIOs get comfortable with their choice.
%Estimation: Expect to spend an additional 1 to 10 % on vendor selection and initial travel
Choose the best sourcing model
According to a study released by Gartner, many CIOs are still focused on short-term savings rather than longterm business success when establishing outsourcing relationships – and that it’s costing them in the long run.

Cost of Selecting the Vendor
? Putting together the RFQ/RFP
? Distributing the RFQ/RFP and
collecting the feedback
? Analyzing and short listing
? Due Diligence
? Management Sponsorship
? Decision to Outsource
In order to address these issues, the organization must know that they can choose from among eight basic sourcing models to best exploit established or future capacity, whether the organization gets its services from internal staff, external staff or through a partnership. You must take each of the following models into account before rushing to choose one vendor or another, or even before taking the decision to outsource.

• Internal delivery: The current status of most organizations’ IT or process operations
• Shared service or captive center: A centralized — onshore or offshore — service organization delivering IT services or business processes for an organization, also known as an “insourcing” organization
• Full outsourcing: A single contract with one provider for the full scope of services
• Joint venture: A separate service company built and co-owned with an external service provider (or other client organizations in case of consortium), which is expected to provide management and expertise
• Best-of-breed consortium: A group of external service providers, with a lead provider established for a large contract
• Brand service company: A way to share IT services (and often non-IT services and processes) to leverage the market, selectively outsource parts of the services and, in some cases, provide services to the market
• Selective outsourcing: Separate outsourcing contracts for selected IT functions or business processes, using a best-of-breed tactical approach and competitive deals
• Prime contractor: Provides management and integration of multiple service providers to derive a single or global solution or service In some sourcing arrangements — including multisourcing, transformational relationships and project work — an organization may want to consider additional options to get the services it needs. Specialists suggest several sourcing options sit below the sourcing models.
? The sourcing of technical or business skills
? The sourcing of a project or a part of it
According to a survey of 945 IT professionals, more than 50% of the respondents said they expected to see significant cost savings by outsourcing. Fewer organizations said their objective in outsourcing was to make companies more competitive in the market.(Gartner 2006)
? The sourcing of management
? The sourcing of an IT service
? The sourcing of a business process
? The sourcing of a business solution etc.
Organizations can choose from these sourcing options based on their tolerance for risk and their willingness to accept or transfer management responsibility for the delivery of services.
Selecting an External Service Provider requires personnel resources and access to data, key processes and procedures, generally for a short period of time. These resources are crucial to maintaining the schedule and meeting objectives. Develop and follow a formal, specific timeline for each step in the process. This timeline provides rigor, reduces costs, helps maintain enthusiasm, and provides for an overall coordination of the organizational and External Service Provider personnel who manage the process.
Too many organizations, however, focus only on selecting the lowest-cost source. Organizations must institutionalize an effective and efficient process that enables the source selection team to make the best value selection (which is often not the lowest cost selection).
Cost benchmarking to the current market?
If the price (regarding the in-scope, requested services) is not appealing enough for the client, a typical vendor reaction is to offer fewer services, reducing the scope. The offer will include only those services for which the vendor can provide the best results, and it will simply leave the rest — by default — under the client’s responsibility.
This causes two major problems for the client:
• The responsibility issue: The client must manage the overall service, being responsible by default for everything that will not be done by the vendor (i.e., not clearly agreed in the contract).
• The cost issue: The client will incur all costs associated in both doing everything that will not be delivered by the vendor (i.e., not clearly agreed in the contract) and managing on top of that the services delivered, the contract and the vendor relationship.
– Supplier delivery commitments
– Is cost/quality appropriate for services delivered, or distorted by supplier issues?
– Does outsourcing compare favorably against in-house service delivery?
– Are internal contract management costs and time appropriate?

The Cost of Transition (2-3%)
The transition period is perhaps the most expensive stage of an offshore endeavor. It takes from three months to a full year to completely hand the work over to an offshore partner. If company executives aren’t aware that there will be no savings—but rather significant expenses—during this period, they are in for a nasty surprise.
Costs of transition are typically bundled into the cost of the overall outsourcing deal. However, in the case of complex BPO involvig migration to new IT platforms and systems, which is more than labor arbitrage, Gartner sees separate contracts drawn up to cover these costs. Best practice is for a single comprehensive plan of activities to be created and used as the master plan for the entire transition. The greater the complexity, the higher the transition cost. Costs retained by the client must also be factored into the business case when contemplating an outsourcing deal.
CIOs must bring a certain number of offshore developers to their headquarters to analyze the technology and architecture before those developers can head back to their home country to begin the actual work.

Cost of Transition
? Transition project management
? Third-party consultant oversight (if outside verification and validation is needed)
? Communications (resources to write, manage and facilitate, as well as the potential use of public relations firms to communicate outsourcing deal/transition messages to the public)
? Human capital management (can include severance, outplacement, retention bonuses, “re-skilling” and hiring costs)
? Legal fees (interpretation of the contract, third-party contracts, established vendor contracts if an interface is needed with the new provider)
? Technical costs (development/integration costs to new interfaces, porting of code to new platforms)
And CIOs must pay the prevailing home country hourly rate to offshore employees on temporary visas, so obviously there’s no savings during that period of time, which can take months. And the offshore employees have to work in parallel with similarly costly in-house employees for much of this time. Basically, it’s costing the company double the price for each employee assigned to the outsourcing arrangement (the offshore worker and the in-house trainer). In addition, neither the offshore nor in-house employee is producing anything during this training period.
During the transition, the offshore partner must put infrastructure in place. While the offshore partner incurs that expense, the customer should monitor the process carefully. Often it can take longer than expected.
%Estimation: Expect to spend an additional 2 % to 3 % on transition costs.

Hidden Costs of Transition:
The Cost of Layoffs – Laying off employees as a result of your offshore contract poses other sometimes unanticipated costs. To begin with, you have to pay many of those workers severance and retention bonuses.

Layoffs can also cause major morale problems among in-house “survivors,” in some cases leading to disaffection and work slowdowns. Companies with experience in offshoring factor productivity dips and potential legal action from laid-off employees into the cost-benefit analysis.
%Estimation: Expect to pay an extra 3 % to 5 % on layoffs and related costs.

The Cultural Cost – One of the biggest impediments to offshore savings is productivity. You simply cannot take a person in your home country and easily replace him/her with one offshore worker. One reason for that is the home country workers’ comfort level with speaking up and offering suggestions. Another productivity killer is high turnover at offshore vendors. Attrition rates climb as high as 35 % in India, according to the National Association of Software and Service Companies. Turnover can cost an additional 1 % to 2 %. Finally, communication issues can slow things to a halt. Language and other cultural differences can cost an extra 2 % to 5%

%Estimation: Expect to spend an extra 3 % to 27 % on productivity lags.

The Cost of Ramp-up (ensuring Quality, processes and procedures)
Well-defined and accepted internal software development and maintenance processes are also key to making an offshore situation work. If a company doesn’t create solid in-house processes, the vendor will have to put more people onsite to compensate for your inadequacies, and they’ll spend all of your savings.
The ability to write clear specifications is also critical to achieving offshore savings. Creating a great spec package is costly and time-consuming. On a 1,000 man-hour project for example, the staff will spend 100 hours to create a spec package.
At the other end of the process is quality assurance (QA) testing, an area which must become more robust in an offshore arrangement.
%Estimation: Expect to spend an extra 1 % to 10 % on improving software development processes.

The Cost of Managing an Offshore Contract (6-10%)
Managing the actual offshore relationship is also a major additional cost. There’s a significant amount of work in invoicing, in auditing, in ensuring cost centers are charged correctly, in making sure time is properly recorded Each project manager oversees the effort. He audits the time sheets from the vendor and rolls the figure into an invoice, which then has to be audited against the overall project, which is then funneled to finance for payment.
Sometimes, managing the offshore vendor is such a big task that you have to assign someone to handle it on a half-time basis. The individual must make sure projects move forward, and develop and analyze vendor proposals against the RFPs when it comes time to bid out new work.
% Estimation: Expect to pay an additional 6 % to 10 % on managing your offshore contract.
Now let’s sum it up What we skipped in mentioning so far, are the well-known standard costs of outsourcing that every company will provide you. That is because we wanted to emphasize exactly on the “tricky” hidden costs that will give you a more realistic view on how much will outsourcing bite from you budget.
The IT research company, Gartner, provides us with the following standard figures in %age of what you must specify in the contract about payment.
Furthermore we add another table with what we have outlined on the previous pages. Therefore you can see that the real costs you pay for outsourcing is somewhere between 13-65% higher than you think in the beginning.

The estimation of costs it’s a crucial stage in deciding whether, how and what to outsource. You must take into consideration every single aspect that might boost your bill.
And what’s more important, instead of focusing on low cost when choosing an outsourcing partner, you will gain more by looking at the bigger picture, and scrutinizing if the firm has the necessary resources and the ability to deliver. The firm should be a part of the strategic decisions taken by the parent company and commitments should based on long-term returns that benefit the business as a whole rather than just saving on short-term costs.

Watching Movies Online: The Low-Cost Alternative To High Priced Movie Theater Costs

Considering the high price of going to a movie nowadays watching movies online has grown more prevalent than it has ever been in the past. People continue to be interested in enjoying movies, however they are unable to afford to pay the high cost of going to the movies. With movie tickets priced at up to $20 in some places, and the price of snacks, it can easily set you back close to $40 for just one person to go out for a movie. Even renting movies has gone up substantially in price which has resulted in a rise in the number of people making illegal copies – of course several video rental stores are making this extremely hard but that does not mean it is eliminating the problem.

Watching movies online can provide a lot more options than going to the movies or even renting or purchasing DVDs. Remember you can find more online video stores than you could even start to visit in your local area. If you don’t find the movie you are looking for on one website, you have many more for you to choose from. In addition with the larger screens and sound systems available today it is possible to create your very own theater experience at your pc.

Making the decision to start watching movies online will not only help your budget but will additionally give you more choices in entertainment. You will also have far better options in movie snacks – even people who are on restricted diets can enjoy snacking because they can bring their own and never need to hide them at the door.